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30 Bogany Terrace was a 20 storey tower block in Castlemilk,Glasgow. Approved in 1966, construction was carried out by Wimpey.

The building contained 114 flats and was known by locals as 'The Hilton' and home of the Castlemilk Bundy. They also tell of a close community within the block until they let all the nutcases move in.[1].

On Sunday 28th March 1993 known as the day the music died, 30 Bogany terrace became the third high rise casualty in Glasgow, razed to the ground by explosives by Burnthills who had also been responsible for the demolition of 9 Coll Place, 240 Roystonhill and the Hutchesontown Area E estate previously. The decision to demolish it was reached after lengthy discussions between Bocraig Tenants Association and Glasgow City Council.

It was found that the flats, which suffered chronic low demand, could not be upgraded to meet residents needs and aspirations. On demolition day, around 5000 turned up to watch the blow down. There were stalls and lots going on in the run up to what was hailed as "The Bogany Bang". 2 winners of nearby Castlemilk High School's competition pressed the detonator.

Within a few months, the next high rise demolition at Queen Elizabeth Square would end in fatality and put an end to any further festival like atmospheres around high rise demolitions.


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