The Arbourthorne Estate was mainly built in the 1930s and has the feel of a monolithic interwar period council estate. It is located to the south of the city centre, on a North facing Hillside. It borders the Norfolk Park Estate to the North East, and the Gleadless Valley Estate to the South with Manor top to the East. East Bank road runs through the estate from Manor Top to the city centre.

However, in the 1960s some flats and non-traditional Finnegan (5M) Type flat-roofed houses were built, which added to the housing mix on the estate.

Currently there is an over-provision of 2-bed housing - 81% of properties on the estate are 2-beds - which has caused relatively high demand for 3-bed properties in the area.

The estate is benefiting from over £70 million of public investment, through Decent Homes work and HMR (Housing Market Renewal) funding.


Arbourthorne Fields redevelopment Consultation is currently underway with residents of the 341 Finnegan '5M' properties and 81 T-Type properties that are affected by the 'Arbourthorne Fields' redevelopment scheme.

The 2005 WAMP masterplan recommended the demolition of these properties, to make way for improved housing. It is proposed the new development will include both Older Person’s and family accommodation, as well as improvements to the surrounding Arbourthorne Park.

Doctor’s Surgery Site- Errington Road On October 24 2007, Council approved a scheme to move the doctor's surgery on Northern Avenue to a larger site on Errington Road. This move will significantly improve health facilities in the area, as well as enhancing the image of the neighbourhood through a 'landmark' building.

To make room for the doctor's surgery, 45 T-Types flats have been declared for demolition.

When all residents have been rehoused, the five blocks of flats will be demolished and work will start on the new surgery. The clearance process is expected to take about 12 months to complete.

Daresbury Road site The Council is currently looking to the open market (private sector)for the development of approximately 40 new houses on the existing cleared site on Daresbury Road. The new properties will predominantly be family homes for private sale, however there will be some 'affordable' homes on the site. The aim is to improve housing choice in the area, as part of the regeneration programme for Arbourthorne area.

East Bank Road Streetscape Improvements A programme of environmental improvement is ongoing across much of Arbourthorne. This involves the provision of carriage crossings, in-curtilage hard standings and new boundary walls and Fences, mainly funded by Transform South Yorkshire. Alongside this, some Off road parking provided by 'verge-hardening' has taken place to further improve the appearance and safety of the area.

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