Auchenlodment is a housing estate in Elderslie, Renfrewshire. It was developed during the inter war era. Much of the housing stock is semi detached, detached or terraced properties that have been bought from the council. There is one row of tenements and one block of three storey houses. It is a very upmarket and sought after area.

To the best of our understanding this land was given to Sir Alexander Gibson who was personally appointed by King James VI. From the early 1600s, Auchenlodment was the Gibson family farm. Descendants migrated to Vermont (USA), Peidmont North Carolina (USA) and two Robert Gibson's to the Wimera district in Victoria Australia where there are landmarks named Glen Patrick, Glen Dhu etc. after landmarks adjacent to Auchenlodment. Glen Patrick made paper using clean filtered water so for hundreds of years Gibsons were also printers for Scottish Schools and continue to this day as Gibson and Hoddell operating out of Paisley. During the Napoleonic wars silk supply was cut off from the Clark mill in Paisley. John Gibbs filtered water through charcoal to supply the Clark mill with clean water to bleach cotton to give it a similar sheen to silk. The people of Paisley purchased the water for a half penny per bucket and when there was a cholera outbreak few died as the filter was charcoal that removed bacteria. Johnston later installed these filters called "Auchenlodment filters" suggesting a connection to Glen Patrick and the nearby coal deposit.

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