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The Canada Estate is a council estate on Renforth Street in the Rotherhithe area of Southwark, London. The estate takes its name from the nearby dock which was the main source of employment for the area prior to World War II. The estate itself was built on the site of the Brandram's Works, a chemical works. The factory was demolished in the late 1950s and plans for the estate were approved by Bermondsey Metropolitan Borough Council in 1962. The estate was built by Tersons and completed in 1964.

The majority of the estate is low-rise, reaching no taller than 4 storeys in height, however at the southern and eastern ends are two 21 storey tower blocks named Columbia Point and Regina Point. All four storey blocks are of the same design and layout - three wings of flats spanning from a central service core. They all contain 18 flats, except for Edmonton Court which contains 21.


The four storey blocks are:

  • Calgary Court
  • Edmonton Court
  • Manitoba Court
  • Niagara Court
  • Scotia Court

The two 21 storey tower blocks are: