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Charlemont Farm is a housing estate in West Bromwich. It is in the north part of the town, towards the Walsall border. A number of blocks on the estate have been demolished over the last 15 years.

The Charlemont Farm project, approved in 1964, consisted of three 21-storey towers; Blades House, Churchill House and Dugdale House. As well as two 15-storey towers; Camberley & Marshall House (originally called Kennedy and Roosevelt house). Most tower blocks were completed in 1966.

Marshall House was demolished in 2004 and Camberley is now in the in the hands of a private landlord. The remaining blocks are currently undergoing alteration as part of major refurbishment programme by Sandwell Homes.

20 storey Blades House & Dugdale House were both situated next too each other on Wigmore Farm not Charlemont Farm,

residents of which do not see themselves of Charlemont Farm,

neither block still stands both being brought to there knees at the same day & time in 1996

and were replaced by new build housing.

,Marshall & Kennedy Houses were the original two 14 storey tower blocks on charlemont farm

situated opposite charlemont farm shops along with

20 storey tower block Roosevelt House which still stands & after refurbishment was renamed Briarley House,

Marshall House has been demolished & replaced by new build Houses

Kennedy House is now called Camberley Rise.

Many Happy 1980s Childhood Memorys.

R.I.P George Lockley & His Legendary Red Bedford Van & Cake Shop Emporium!

Ex Cake Shop Owner on Charlemont Farm. 1980s.