Concrete Ltd were a construction company in the United Kingdom that devised the Bison wall-frame construction system which became the most prolifically used construction technique for multi-storey residential buildings in the postwar period. The popularity of the construction system produced much success for Concrete Ltd, who had to set up strategically placed factories across the country to accommodate the demand for its systems.

Throughout the postwar period, Concrete Ltd published a range of promotional material to advertise their Bison construction technique, highlighting economic advantages such as the need for only 21 components to construct a 2 or 3 bedroom flat, or the ability to use a wide range of external finishes on buildings. Much of Concrete Ltd's success also relied on setting up allegiances with local contractor firms, allowing them to secure large scale contracts for projects across the country. These allegiances were particularly seen in Birmingham where Concrete Ltd typically worked with construction contractors Bryant for projects.

The three main footholds for Concrete Ltd were the East Midlands, West Midlands and Scotland. For Scotland, it set up a subsidiary company, Concrete (Scotland), which went as far as becoming the main contractor for some projects. In some cases it competed against itself as a lower quoting subcontractor.

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