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High, Home and Queens Tower

The Duddeston Four are four 12 storey tower blocks that are part of the Duddeston Manor Estate in the Duddeston/Nechells Green area of Aston, Birmingham, England. They are famous for being the first four tower blocks to be built in the city after the second world war.

The brick buildings were heralded as the future by residents however the design and construction was dismissed by Birmingham City Council following their completion due to the cost and length of construction.

Three tower blocks are located in a row and there is one tower block off set from the group. A further two towers were to be constructed, possibly alongside the isolated block, however the need to retain the Loxton Street schools forced the council to downscale their plans.

Queens Tower was the first tower block in the group to be completed and was opened by Harold Macmillan in 1954.

Bloomsbury Street, Duddeston Manor Estate, Duddeston/Nechells Green, Aston. 1953.

The group of four were joined by 5 other tower blocks up to the millennium when there was a mass clearance of the Nechells Green complex, after which one of the 5 was demolished. They had all formed part of the 27 tower blocks in Nechells Green and 67 in the Aston area as a whole. As of 2015 the number of tower blocks is half that of the 1990s.

Duddeston Manor Estate tower blocks[]

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