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See also: Hamilton House, Birmingham.

Front view of Hamilton House

Side view of Hamilton House

Hamilton House with another Smethwick tower block in the background

Hamilton House was a 24 storey tower block on Grove Lane in the Cape Hill area of Smethwick in Sandwell. Completed in 1970, it was 67 metres tall with 136 flats. It was demolished on March 18, 2007 by Coleman & Co.. Preparations to demolish the block began 18 months before, in conjunction with the demolition partners Coleman & Co, following the re-housing of the remaining residents. The demolition of Hamilton House was filmed by the BBC for a new television series called Demolition aired on 16 May 2007. The rubble from the demolished tower block reached five storeys high.

The cleared site will now form part of the wider Windmill Eye Regeneration Scheme, which is currently being undertaken as part of the Urban Living Housing Market Renewal Area Programme.