Lion Farm

The three remaining blocks on the estate (Hackwood, Wallace and Harry Price Houses)

Lion Farm is a housing estate in Oldbury, England. The Lion Farm Estate was built in three stages; Phase 5, approved in 1960, consisted of three 13 storey towers (Hackwood, Harry Price & Wallace Houses). Phase 8, approved in 1962, consisted of three 16 storey towers (Albright, Threfall & Wilson Houses); and Phase 9, approved in 1964, which consisted of another three 16 storey towers (Cheviot, Chiltern & Cotswold Houses).

Only three tower blocks remain, the other six were demolished between 1993 and 2000.

In the early 1990's the photographer Robert Clayton visited this estate.

the Robert Clayton book Estate featuring Lion Farm Estate

Remaining tower blocksEdit

Demolished tower blocksEdit

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