Morris Walk Estate was constructed for the London City Council 1963-6 and was the first heavy concrete panel system built estate in England. Using the Danish Larsen-Nielsen system, licensed to the English company Taylor-Woodrow Anglian, it was hoped that such industrialized construction techniques would solve the problems caused by shortage of labour and materials and an increasing demand for housing. Begun in 1963 the first flats were moved into in 1964 but the estate as a whole was not finished until 1967.

Morris Walk presents a startlingly uniform appearance to its ten and three storey blocks, both of which are constructed out of large concrete panels faced with Norfolk flint and have separate service towers. The blocks are strictly parallel in a 'Zilenbau' layout with the ten storey point blocks on the higher slopes engaging with the neighbouring Maryon Park.

Although Morris Walk is an excellent example of unadulterated Modern Movement design it has received little interest in recent years and the estate is currently scheduled for 'modernisation' which will involve demolition of the existing blocks.

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