Oliver mount heights

three of the blocks ready to be pulled down

Olive Mount Heights was a group of three 38 metre tall tower blocks on Olive Mount Road in Wavertree, Liverpool. They were built in 1963 and were 13 storeys tall. Olive Mount Heights consisted of 39 one bedroomed flats and 26 two bedroomed flats. The tower blocks consisted of a reinforced concrete frame with inner block walls, precast concrete floors and roofs with reinforced ground slab and reinforced concrete foundations. There were also sub-basements and lift pits. The Community Centre was a single storey brick built structure with a pitched roof.

They were all demolished between February 2006 to July 2006 by Walter Forshaw Ltd. The contract value was £793,000. The demolition contractors were commissioned by Liverpool Housing Action Trust. The blocks were soft-stripped and subsequently demolished in their entirety using our Hitachi EX800 Super Reach demolition excavator fitted with a concrete pulverisor with 360o rotation. This form of demolition is known as high reach removal. The site was levelled and tracked over in preparation for the subsequent housing development.

Tower blocksEdit

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