Located in the Laurieston area of the Gorbals, Glasgow, Stirlingfauld Place consisted of two 23 storey tower blocks approved in Phase 2B of the Laurieston-Gorbals project in 1973. Both of these tower blocks gained a reputation for being among the worst in the city in terms of crime, maintenance and amenities. In recent years, squatting has been a big problem despite the best efforts of the concierge staff. As a result some of the empty flats were used as drug dens, several burnt out and a growing number deemed were uninhabitable. In April 2007, green and blue lighting was used to help make the towers more attractive at night. This project was tested here with a view to using it on other condemned blocks in the city.

Both blocks were derelict by 2007 and preparation for demolition took place during 2007/08. The buildings were blown up at 9.45am on Sunday 1 June 2008 as part of phase 2 of Laurieston's regeneration.

tower blocksEdit

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