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Tipton is a town in Sandwell Metropolitan Borough in the West Midlands.

The most prominent tower block is Bolton Court (actually consisting of 2 tower blocks) in the Ocker Hill area of the town. Bolton Court is actually made up of two large tower blocks under one name, built in about 1960. It once consisted of maissonette blocks as well, but these were demolished in 2008.

Two blocks on the Glebefields estate were Jellicoe House and Beatty House, built in 1967 and demolished in 2004.

There are 3 tower blocks on Sedgley Road East in Tividale.

There was a tower block near Coronation Gardens in the town centre that built in the 1950s and demolished in 1997.

Another tower block near Lower Church Lane, St Martin's House was built in the 1960s but demolished in the 1990s.

Nelson House stands on Upper Church Lane and was built in the 1960s. Neighbouring block Drake House was demolished in 2002.

Heronville House, Paget House and Wyrley House were also built in the 1960s and stand on Sedgley Road East in the Tividale area on the town.