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Waverley Court was a 15 storey tower block in Foxbar, Paisley. It was approved in 1958 as part of Stage 1 of the Foxbar project and construction, which was undertaken by Blackburn, ended in 1960.

The 40m tall building was brick based and contained 56 flats. In 1989, Scottish Homes purchased the block from the council and proceeded to empty the block of its tenants with a view to selling it off to the private sector. In an ideal world, Waverley Court would provide cheap accommodation for first time buyers. However, this vision never happened as it was impossible to obtain a mortgage on a tower block in a deprived area of a peripheral housing estate and no housing association would go near it.

On the 3rd November 1995, after lying unused and derelict for 6 years, the decision was finally taken to demolish the block amongst allegations Scottish Homes were facing about criminal negligence over the whole affair.

In March 1996, there was a feasibility study into whether the building could be put back into habitable use once more however this was rejected and demolition was was carried out later that year on 2nd June 1996.

The land lay vacant until a £1.2m development in August 1999 saw a street of low rise homes erected by Paisley South Housing Association.