The Wyndham Estate is a council estate located in the Camberwell area of Southwark, London. It straddles either side of Wyndham Road, with the Comber Estate located adjacent to the south and the Goschen Estate immediately to the north. The adjacent estates were constructed prior to the Wyndham Estate.

The Wyndham Estate project was approved in two stages in 1964 and 1965 on land formerly occupied by bomb-damaged terraced housing. The estate saw the reconfiguration of the traditional road layout and the construction of five 21 storey tower blocks and three low-rise blocks of 30 flats aimed at elderly residents.

Tower blocksEdit

The five 21 storey tower blocks are:

The three 2 storey blocks of 30 flats are:

  • Gothic Court
  • Moules Court
  • Venice Court
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